Buffalo Audubon Society

North Tonawanda

The North Tonawanda Audubon Nature Preserve (also known as the Klydel Wetlands) was initiated in 2000 and became reality in 2001 with the closing of the sale of the first 17 acres of wetland to be in the preserve. The Buffalo Audubon Society has joined forces with the Western New York Land Conservancy, The Citizens for a Green North Tonawanda, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, neighborhood residents, The Niagara County Environmental Fund, the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network and Fund, duPont, the Barbara T. and Robert Meech Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, scouts, and other groups to expand the Preserve to protect the fragile wetlands.

During 2001 we worked with our partners to mark a limited trail system and to begin offering regularly scheduled nature hikes open to the public. The popular owl prowls which have been offered on the site are already family favorites! The North Tonawanda Audubon Nature Preserve is envisioned as an active site for school-based outdoor learning lab activities as well as a site for high school and college level research. Check the online calendar for scheduled owl prowls and other programs or call (585) 457-3228. Trail maps can be found here.

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