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The Buffalo Audubon Society offers a wide variety of education programs for students of all ages. This page describes just some of the opportunities that are available for schools and teachers across Western New York.

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Kids learning about nature

Buffalo Audubon supports your science curricula in many ways: Nature Center tours for your students, naturalist presentations in classrooms, multi-week curricula such as For the Birds!, and teacher in-service trainings.

Nature Center Tours

Bring your classroom to Beaver Meadow Audubon Center for an exploration hike that introduces concepts that meet the requirements of the New York State Learning Standards. The center includes classrooms, exhibits, live animals, bird observation areas, nature art, a nature library, and a trained and welcoming staff who will lead you students on an exploration hike on the 324-acre preserve. Beaver ponds, kettle ponds, marsh, meadow, forest habitat are all represented. Inquiry-based learning engages students with the natural world while covering diverse content areas. Additional descriptions of individual programs are available in our brochure. Contact the nature center at (585) 457-3228 or info@buffaloaudubon.org for more information.

Naturalist Presentations in Classrooms

Audubon naturalists come to your classroom and can tailor our presentation to fit your specific needs. Buffalo Audubon offers a dozen themed outreach programs, each keyed to New York State Learning Standards. Contact Audubon program staff for more information.

For the Birds!

For the Birds! is an elementary education program that teaches environmental awareness, science, and appreciation of nature through the study of birds.

During an 8 or 16-week session, students learn about the natural world through classroom lessons, field trips, a live bird program, and a project designed to enhance bird habitat in the community. For the Birds! is a well-rounded curriculum that is aligned to National and New York State standards. For the Birds! started in NY City in 1997 and has spread throughout the state. The program is taught by a team of Audubon staff and highly trained volunteers, who lead lessons in the classroom or the school neighborhood. This place-based learning encourages a sense of pride in the community and empowers students to take an active role in protecting it.

Lesson Topics Include: How birds migrate, how we identify birds, what are adaptations, how birds communicate, what habitats birds use, how scientists study birds, how birds fly, what are birds of prey, and how we can help birds. More information can be found here.

Teacher In-service Trainings

Audubon staff has been providing these skills improvement sessions for many years. Bring fresh ideas to your classroom and new tools to make learning science fun. Contact program staff for detailed information on services offered and about tailoring a program to your specific interests.


In addition to the programs offered by Buffalo Audubon at its Center or as outreach to the classrooms, Buffalo Audubon also offers other services and opportunities for students of all ages. Student internships for high school and college students are available. Contact program staff for more information.

About Place Essay Contest

Sponsored in part by Buffalo Audubon Society and coordinated by Niagara Community College, this annual essay contest on one's "sense of place" in nature is open to high school seniors in Niagara and surrounding counties. Applications are sent to area schools for distribution to students. For additional information, contact the Society. Buffalo Audubon sponsors cash awards for winners.