Buffalo Audubon Society


The mission of the Buffalo Audubon Society is to promote the appreciation and enjoyment of nature through education and stewardship. Our primary stewardship charge is to protect the 1,000 acres of property, habitats and ecosystems of our centers and preserves. However, if we are to preserve these gems of Western New York we must also protect the entire region, our state, our country, and the entire globe. We accomplish this through work at each of these scales, and you can to!

Individual choices can have a huge impact upon the environment. Recycling, reducing energy consumption, planting native species and a whole range of other activities that you engage in day-in and day-out truly make a difference. A great way to learn more about how you can help birds and make appropriate conservation choices is to visit the Audubon at Home page here.

We also work to educate policy makers about appropriate stewardship of the environment. We partner with local organizations, Audubon New York and the National Audubon Society to spread our message to decision makers on local and global issues. Your voice makes a difference! Visit the Audubon Policy page here to join us in this important work.